Kali's Kichdi and Kheer

Kali! Destroyer of evil. She once got a little too excited and when slaying a deamon and drinking his blood she didn't notice her own consort Shiva and stepped on him. That's a strong woman - perhaps a bit careless. May her energy vanquish the evil forces in our lives!

The ingredients to make Kichdi on of the offerings to Kali

After soaking rice and lentils, and sweating them with an onion, boil with some turmetic

separately some stir fried onion with cumin, mustard and asafoetida.

adding tomatoes and... bascially all the other spices!

Then some vegetables and more and more of the spices - including spicy chilies.

the rice and split lentis should be cooked and soft

Rice and lentils goes on top of the vegetable and spice mix

I had a series of fresh herbs in pots.

some of the herbs get added to some extra butter and chilies to soften

The herbs and butter go on top of the rice lentils and vegetables

Served with some more herbs on top!

Ingredients to make Kali's kheer

butter to golden raisins and cashews

milk, butter, and powdered milk, if cooked eventually turn into a sweet paste that after drying can be powdered.

some rice and grated carrot go into a pan with butter

a whole kilo of grated carrot!

we add more milk to the dried reduced sweet powder

the carrot and rice mixture, goes int the milk

adding cardomom and then boil and reduce for a long time!

after reducing and serving, spinkling the cashews and raisins - plus some chopped almonds. This was a sweet and buttery and milky dessert